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Booster Dose is a lifesaver

The latest data from the Ministry of Health confirms 34 new cases,
cumulative confirmed cases have hit 166,954. The ministry has not
stopped, sounding warning drums but they seem to be falling on deaf ears
as people continue with their business as usual of going to public
places without a mask and without a care of telling strangers,

When you look at numbers, they are just mere numbers until reality hits
you when you are tested positive for COVID19 or when a loved one is
struggling for their dear life. There is a category that has adamantly
refused to take any jab, others don’t think they need a booster dose.
The truth is that the vaccine has salvaged the situation alongside the
SOPs, however, for those that were vaccinated over three months ago,
there is a need for another jab to boost their immunity and give them yet
another layer of protection as we brace ourselves for another wave
should we fail to arrest it in its initial stages

Vaccine Access Initiative aims to ensure that the country is self-sufficient in terms of vaccines and has set up a mechanism to ensure that
access to vaccines of any kind is fast and first, you don’t have to
kill a whole day to be in the cue for vaccination. You can get your
COVID19 Jab under five minutes, and also the same for Immunising your
children. Vaccine Access Initiative is located in Ntinda, Martyrs Way,
make your way there and take your shot

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