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Test and fly Covid 19 testing lab for air travellers opened in Kampala

Covid- 19 testing

Internationally acclaimed laboratory service providers Microhaem Laboratories, have partnered with the Ministry of Health and National aviation Services to start up a new Covid- 19 testing centre for air travellers.

The newly established Laboratory called Test and Fly which is located in Kampala comes at a time when the government has Okayed the resumption of air transport.

While officiating the ceremony, the manager National Aviation Services, Mr Nouamane Zahouani explained that with the new laboratory mainly working on air travellers, the aviation industry will be able to operate well in the middle of the pandemic.

He added that the laboratory which is heavily aided by world class technology will be able to transmit covid results of travellers to designated airline systems.

Presiding over the ceremony, Dr Charles Olaro the Director of Clinical Services at the ministry of Health explained that the new Lab comes at a time when the country needs more avenues to add value to the country’s testing capacity.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr Susan Nabadda, Central Public Health Laboratories revealed that the laboratory went through all necessary protocols and together with the Ministry of Health; CPHL will be monitoring it as well.

It is also understood the Laboratory which is capable of issuing results in in less than two hours, will see people pay $60 to access services.

Recently,  president Museveni  announced that the country’s international airport and land borders will reopen and resume operations for tourists after a more than six-month closure as part of measures against the spread of COVID-19.

The president also said any passengers arriving in Uganda must be in possession of a negative COVID-19 polymerize chain reaction (PCR) test result from an accredited laboratory in the country of origin the same protocol that is subjected to travellers in several countries.

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